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What information do I need for an FR-44?

You will need to provide your case number to your car insurance carrier to obtain and properly file an FR-44. Having your Florida DUI conviction date on hand will also be helpful.




Why do I have to obtain an FR-44 auto insurance policy?

If you were convicted of a Florida DUI, maimed while driving under the influence, or driving with a suspended license, the courts will require FR-44 car insurance for monitoring purposes. The law requires the insurance company to notify the authorities if you make any late payments, if there is a lapse in your policy, and if you switch auto insurance providers.




How long do I need to keep an FR-44 filing?

As long as your insurance policy is active, your FR-44 should remain valid. If you fail to maintain the appropriate filing your driving privileges will most likely be suspended.




Do I need to have a SR-22?

If your driver's license has been or was suspended, then yes, you'll most likely need one. You are required to provide an SR-22 in order to get your license back.




Why can't I just get the same insurance I had before my conviction?

Because your license was suspended, you will need to provide a SR-22 to prove you have insurance. Also, most insurance companies do not offer SR-22 insurance. However, there are some that do and we will help you find them. 




How long do I need SR22 auto insurance?

Typically a minimum of 3 years, depending on your state's requirements; this will be outlined in your court documents.




What is non-owner SR22 insurance? 

Even though you don't own a vehicle you may still be required to carry an SR22. This is called a non-owners SR22 insurance policy. The vehicle isn't covered by the SR22 or the non-owners policy. This type of insurance policy only covers liability up to the limits purchased. It does not cover the vehicle that you are driving, only the liability that you the driver may cause if you are involved in an accident with another motorist or cause property damage.




What are the penalties for driving without SR22 insurance?

The penalties for driving without SR22 insurance definitely vary from state to state, but some penalties that could be imposed are:

  • Your vehicle getting impounded and your vehicle tags seized

  • Additional and heavier fines may be imposed

  • Your license will be suspended for a longer period of time

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